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Have you been searching for a financial coach who will help you make empowered decisions about your money? Everyone deserves to be financially literate and feel confident about their finances. But it isn’t something usually taught in school. If you are ready to learn more about organizing your finances and how to grow and manage your assets, I can help.

Doreen Ayafor motivates her clients to be the best they can be and to dream big. She empowers everyone she works with to take inspired action and create the financial reality they have been dreaming about. Through personalized one-to-one coaching and group coaching she helps her clients, especially women, understand money better by improving their financial literacy. Her clients gain confidence and learn to take control of their budgeting and investing.

She is passionate about what she does and enjoys seeing people, especially women, succeed in their personal and business life. Doreen is a sought-after speaker for small business groups. Business owners hire Doreen for small business financial and accounting consulting. When she is not coaching and motivating others to success, Doreen enjoys traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

Doreen recently authored a new eBook you can purchase here The Wealth Jumpstart Program to help you take an honest look at your current financial picture and then lay out a plan for your new prosperous financial future. The book includes a financial goal sheet and information that will help you move from where you are to where you want to be, and useful insights on investing. Taking The Wealth Jumpstart Program is a great foundation for working with Doreen one-to-one.

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The Wealth Jumpstart Program

A comprehensive wealth program with FIVE guided and informative sections  

Section 1: Money Mindset Reprograming

Section 2: Financial Evaluation

Section 3: Financial Dreams and Goals

Section 4: Realistic Budgeting

Section 5: Investing 



I have never been a procrastinator, but for some reason, I always differed tasks associated with money management. Through working with Doreen, I discovered why I never felt comfortable addressing my situation. Despite that I was a health care professional making over six-figures, I was drowning in debt. She is remarkable at what she does and is inspiring. I feel confident and in control.
— Angela Thomas

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